New York Divorce Attorney

For more than 30 years, attorney Philip S. Milone has devoted his professional career to the protection of people going through divorce cases, whether the issue is pure dollars and cents or if child custody is an issue. The law firm of Philip S. Milone located in Garden City, New York serves Queens,Nassau,   Suffolk, Kings, New York, Bronx and Westchester Counties. Oftentimes, all issues, such as divorce, child custody, child support, maintenance (alimony), orders of protection and property division are present in one case. Philip S. Milone has successfully handled matrimonial and family law cases that run the gamut from simple uncontested divorce to high-conflict divorce cases that include orders of protection, child custody, child support, maintenance (alimony) and the division of property such as real estate, pensions, 401ks, etc.

A the law firm of Philip S. Milone, we understand the emotional aspects of the case as well as the legal and financial aspects that are present.

Philip S. Milone is widely respected by other lawyers as he is often consulted by them or they refer their divorce cases to him for handling because they are too complicated. Over the 29 years Mr. Milone has been in practice of Family and Matrimonial Law he has represented court employees, their relatives and family members. Court employees have the unique persepctive of getting to know the work of all the layers in a particular area. From working with matrimonial and family law attorneys on a daily basis, court employees know who the effective and respected lawyers are. It is a huge compliment to have a court employee, friend or relative select Philip S. Milone to represent them in their family law or matrimonial case.

At your first consultation with Philip S. Milone you will see that he is concerned and thorough in the handling of your case. Call Philip S. Milone for an appointment for your first complimentary consultation; you will find that Mr. Milone will approach your case from a holistic standpoint, considering each facet of your case as just one part of the whole.

It is Mr. Milone’s opinion that all of the information set forth on this web site is general information that is not case specific and should not be relied on to govern your particular case. Each case is based on their own unique facts and circumstances. Before any action is taken an in-person consultation should be had between the client and attorney. Every case is different. Every set of facts is different and no two (2) cases should be viewed as ruling on the other. No decision should ever be made by a client without first having consultations with a qualified, experienced matrimonial attorney.